Billie; "He's lovely, one of my best friends. He's kind, sensitive and has a wonderful sense of humour".

David; "She's just great. Fantastic. Just absolutely perfect. Spunky and quick and sexy".

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"Zou Bisou Bisou."

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greendale seven appreciation week(s): day seven
free choice: pop culture references

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Mary Crawley   s4e9

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30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - David Tennant
I often stop when I’m doing something, in the middle of rehearsals or some other job, and I try to take a minute to think, “Okay, this might be as good as it gets, so drink it in, appreciate it now”. So far, I’ve been lucky because another job has always come along to equal the last.

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"I am lying next to a hot, steaming body…"
"Good God woman, keep your dirty little sexual fantasies to yourself!"
"Well I would Gill, only I know it’s the only excitement you get this side of Christmas."

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Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [3/5] Colors » Yellow
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Orange Is The New Black

"There’s more to us than the moment we made a bad decision." - Jenji Kohan

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